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Introducing the UFOBall, the ultimate outdoor gaming experience for kids! Get ready for hours of fun and excitement with these LED Flying UFO Throw Disc Balls, created for kids, pets and adults to play day and night, perfect gift for all occasions.

Designed with a sleek and futuristic UFO-inspired shape, these disc balls are not your average outdoor toys. They are equipped with vibrant LED lights that illuminate the night sky, creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle. Watch as the colorful lights dance and twirl through the air, adding an extra level of enchantment to your outdoor activities.

The UFOBall is perfect for various outdoor games, The lightweight and flat design of the disc balls make them easy to throw, catch, and pass, enhancing your basketball skills while having a blast.

Made from high-quality materials, these disc balls are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor play. Whether it's a friendly game of catch, a competitive basketball match, or simply marveling at the mesmerizing lights, these disc balls are sure to provide endless entertainment.

The LED lights are powered by replaceable batteries, ensuring long-lasting illumination for countless outdoor adventures. With a simple on/off switch, you can easily control the lights and create your own dazzling light show.

Bring excitement, energy, and a touch of magic to your outdoor gatherings with the  Throw UFOBall. Perfect for kids, pets and adults of all ages, these toys will ignite their imagination and keep them engaged for hours. So, step into the world of glowing UFOs and get ready for an unforgettable outdoor gaming experience!


Key Benefits

Various colors - With lots of colors to choose from, you'll surely find the perfect UFO disc Ball for your pet and kids. UFOBall has a bright vibrant color so you can easily spot it even from far away.

Sturdy material - Made with durable rubber and plastic, the UFOBall does not easily lose form even with constant use. The UFOBall transforms into a saucer once you apply pressure to it, but it pops right back up after a few seconds without any damage.

Play at night - With a dynamic light sensor, you can play at night and not worry where the UFOBall will end up. There are light pods that power up once it gets dark so that the UFOBall is always easy to spot.

Great gift - It is a great gift for family and friends since it will add a great dynamic to your outdoor activities. With different gameplays tied to this out of this world toy, you can regularly test your pet or child's athletic ability.




For boys and girls, Pets also love to play.
Product Size: 23CM
Material : Special PVC for toys
Package included:1 pcs

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