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Key Benefits

Kid Friendly - RocketBubbles is made for kids of all ages, making it perfect for keeping your child happy and active all day. Each time your kid launches bubbles in the air, you'll feel like you're in a magical world!

Powerful Stream - Equipped with multiple nozzles, RocketBubbles can blast a continuous stream of bubbles with ease. You can surround your child and garden with a sea of bubbles in an instant!

Effortless & Portable - Simply dip the nozzles into soapy water and press on the trigger to release the bubbles. This RocketBubbles gun comes with perfectly sized handles that are easy for growing kids to hold onto.

Perfect Gift - RocketBubbles is a great gift for fun and active kids. It lets them enjoy the outdoors in a more collaborative and safe way.

Surround Your Kids With Magical Bubbles!

Fill the sky with a powerful stream of bubbles by powering up RocketBubbles! Equipped with dozens of blower holes, the RocketBubbles blows out hundreds of bubbles per minute, making everyone around happy and excited. The built-in LED lights illuminate the bubbles, creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle that kids will love.

RocketBubbles is designed with thick handles that are easy for both kids and adults to hold up. This way, your child can run and dance around with RocketBubbles without a worry in mind.


How to Make Bubble Water?

1. Pour 1/2 cup of dish soap into a large cup.
2. Add 1 1/2 cups of water to the dish soap in the cup.
3. Measure 2 teaspoons of sugar and add it to the water/soap mixture.
4. Gently stir your mixture.
Go outside and have fun blowing bubbles! If you don't use it all, you can pour it into a tightly sealed container.


69 hole bubble gun

Color: Yellow/Pink/Blue

Weight: 300g

Holes: 69

Power : Rechargeable Battery

Charge Time: 60 minutes


Packing List:

1× 69 Holes Rocket Launcher Bubble Gun

1× Bubble Liquid dish

2× Concentrated Bubble Liquid

1× Lithium Battery

1× Charging Cable

1 × liquid storage bottle


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