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3D Drawing Pen For Children

3D Drawing Pen For Children

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Introducing the new 3D Pen for Children, a cutting-edge device that allows young artists to bring their creative visions to life with 3D printing technology. Equipped with an easy-to-read LCD screen and high-quality PLA 1.75mm filament, this 3D drawing printing pen is perfect for crafting handmade DIY gifts and unique toys that will inspire imagination and encourage hours of fun.

With its ergonomic design and intuitive controls, the 3D Pen for Children is both easy and safe to use, making it the ideal choice for kids who love to explore and experiment with their artistic talents. Whether you're looking to create your own custom figurines, jewelry, or even small household items, this innovative 3D printing pen offers endless possibilities for creativity and innovation.


Overall, a 3D printing pen is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of creative, educational, and practical purposes.
  1. EXPLORE YOUR CREATIVITY: With a 3D printing pen, you can create intricate and detailed three-dimensional objects that may be difficult or impossible to make by hand. You can let your imagination run wild and create anything from simple geometric shapes to complex sculptures.

  2. EDUCATIONAL TOOL: A 3D printing pen can be a great educational tool, teaching children and adults alike about engineering, design, and technology. By using a 3D printing pen, you can learn about the process of additive manufacturing and how objects are built layer by layer.

  3. DIY PROYECTS: 3D printing pens are perfect for DIY projects, allowing you to create custom decorations, jewelry, and household items. With a 3D printing pen, you can make unique and personalized gifts for friends and family.

  4. Repair and prototyping: If you need to repair or prototype a small object, a 3D printing pen can come in handy. You can create replacement parts or make modifications to existing objects.

Bring your drawings to life with the 3d printing drawing pen,Creative Gifts for Children on Halloween's Day and Christmas!

  So why wait? Order your 3D Pen for Children today and start exploring the limitless potential of 3D printing technology!



PLA/ABS consumables, PLA is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, healthy and environmentally friendly;
 colors are more refreshing and cute, designed for children;
safe and stable; It is a magic pen to make dreams become reality.
1. Printing range: unlimited
2. Spinning speed: adjustable
3. Printing consumables: PLA 1.75mm material
4. Heating temperature: within the range of 180-220 degrees
5. Equipment working voltage: 5V2A
6. Direct nozzle: 0.7mm
7. Product material: plastic shell.
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