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10x Silicone Anti-Friction Toe Caps

10x Silicone Anti-Friction Toe Caps

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Expect Comfort With Every Step

Experience ultimate toe comfort with any shoe that you wear by using the DigitGuard. Made with high-quality silicone, the DigitGuard cushions and protects your toes from friction and discomfort.

Our premium toe protector helps to reduce the chances of getting blisters and irritated skin. This allows you to enjoy daily or strenuous activities without pain or discomfort.

Key Benefits

Silicone Material - The DigitGuard is made of high grade silicone that ensures durability and comfort. Its material makes it easy to conform to the shape of your toes, giving you a snug fit.

Toe Protection - Our premium DigitGuard provides friction protection for toes to prevent any discomfort. This way, you can say goodbye to annoying and painful blisters.

Flexible & Breathable - Its ultra thin material allows for better air circulation. It will keep your toes cool and dry without restricting your movement.

Versatile Use - This simple DigitGuard is suitable for various activities such as trekking, running, dancing, and more. Even better, it can be used multiple times, giving you a cost-effective solution for your toe comfort issues.



Material: Silicone

Inner diameter:1cm

1.If your toes are sore from corns, blisters, calluses, or a broken toe, you need cushioning to help relieve the pain so you can stay active at home and at work.

2.Little Toe Protectors are flexible cushions that help keep pesky issues out of your way. It creates a barrier between the skin and the footwear to help reduce pain and provide you with excellent cushioning and long-lasting comfort. With it, you'll find it easier to live an active and healthy lifestyle without the pain.

3.Since they are see-through, they are virtually invisible when walking, so don't worry about being obvious when wearing sandals, flip-flops.

4.Made of latex-free medical-grade silicone material, the toe pads are soft and elastic, easy to put on and take off. They are washable and reusable.

Package Included:
2 PCS Little Toe Protectors

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