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AquaBlast Pro

AquaBlast Pro

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Introducing AquaBlast Pro - the ultimate companion for action-packed water fights and outdoor adventures! Designed with fun and functionality in mind, this portable water gun is the perfect fantasy toy for boys and kids, bringing endless hours of entertainment during the summer and beyond.

Get ready to take aim and unleash a watery blast with the push of a button. This electric water storage gun features an automatic pumping mechanism, allowing for rapid and hassle-free refills. No more time wasted on manual pumping, just non-stop water-soaked fun!

Embrace your imagination and dive into epic battles and thrilling water skirmishes. AquaBlast Pro will transport you to a world of adventure, where every outdoor space becomes a playground for excitement and creativity.

With its portable design, this water gun is perfect for beach trips, backyard parties, and any outdoor escapades. It's lightweight, easy to carry, and the ideal companion for a summer filled with refreshing splashes and laughter.

Crafted with durability in mind, this water gun is built to withstand the rough and tumble of energetic play. It's designed to provide a comfortable grip, ensuring that kids can fully immerse themselves in thrilling water fights without any discomfort.

Let AquaBlast Pro be the highlight of your kids' outdoor playtime. It's a must-have fantasy toy that will keep them engaged, active, and entertained for hours on end. Make unforgettable memories this summer with this exciting water gun for boys and kids alike!


Key Benefits

Quick Response - Never miss a beat when bringing out the BlitzStream during a competitive water fight. Its electric trigger prompts it to shoot out powerful streams of water in an instant!

Long Range - Even with its compact design, the BlitzStream can shoot water up to 32 feet away. This gives you a better advantage out in the battle field, especially if you're playing in large spaces.

Powerful Battery - Equipped with a powerful battery, the BlitzStream can last for hours of use. Plus, it can be recharged via a USB charger, giving you never ending fun throughout the summer.

Leak Free - Stay rest assured knowing that your full supply of water never goes to waste. Its leak proof build keeps the water in until you press on the trigger.


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